Episode 1: Tusky Talks Beadwork with Bryan Printup

Beadwork has been a mainstay in Tuscarora tradition for as long as time and we are lucky enough to work with Bryan in our office here at TEP who was happy to share his experiences as a Tuscarora beadwork artist!

Bryan is Tuscarora Beaver clan and our GIS (geographic information systems) Planning Manager who has been with the Environment Program for 18 years! He is also an avid WORLD traveler and has been creating beadwork since he was young.

He has traveled to vendor his beadwork at various events across Turtle Island and brings with him a ton of knowledge on the experience of being a Tuscarora beadworker/artist. There is so much we could talk to him about so we got a chance to sit down with him for our very first Tusky Talks podcast episode.


In this Episode:

  • We have weekly PSA’s from our sponsor (TEP)
  • Great interview with Bryan
  • Great Law Fundraiser Announcement

We hope you enjoy!

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Čwè·ˀn nwaˀnę·ruˀ

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We are two young Tuscarora adults from the Tuscarora Nation who both share a passion for Tuscarora history and culture. The art of storytelling has been–and continues to be–a teaching tool among our people. Our goal is to bring the tradition of storytelling to the internet radio world to highlight the awesomeness that is the Tuscarora Nation so you can listen to Tuskys talk on the Tusky Talks podcast from anywhere.

Each episode we will be interviewing a different person from the community about whatever topic they would like to share! From historical events to sports accomplishments, we want to put Tusky in your ear!

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